K-pop superstars NMIXX: ‘Fe3O4 BREAK’ Extravaganza

K-pop superstars NMIXX: 'Fe3O4 BREAK' Extravaganza

The energetic K-pop superstars NMIXX, who are signed to JYP Entertainment, are getting ready to send a tsunami of excitement through the air with their brand-new record, “Fe3O4: BREAK.” Even though the title sounds like a science experiment, don’t worry—this group is about to charm you so much that you can’t stay away.

K-pop superstars NMIXX: A Lot of Fun at the Press Event

K-pop superstars NMIXX: 'Fe3O4 BREAK' Extravaganza

Haewon, Lily, Sullyoon, BAE, Jiwoo, and Kyujin are all talented members of the six-person group. To celebrate the release of their record, they held a lively press event at a stylish hotel in Seoul’s Songpa District. Instead of the usual stoic mood of star press conferences, NMIXX brought a fresh, lively vibe that made everyone laugh out loud.

K-pop superstars NMIXX: Figuring out the album name

Leader Haewon talked about the interesting album title. He said, “We chose to use chemical symbols related to magnetism in the album’s title to represent our charms, just like magnets.” On the other hand, “BREAK” represents our resolve to break down the world’s barriers and stereotypes.

What Holds Teams Together

What really made the event stand out was how friendly and supportive the NMIXX members were of each other. You could feel how close they were to each other as they excitedly talked and nodded in agreement. Bae, who is known for her lively charm, praised the group’s “fantastic teamwork,” which she said was due to the great bond they’ve built since they were star trainees.

A Piano Surprise

In a moment of pure joy, the group surprised the crowd by singing “Sonar (Breaker),” the album’s pre-release track, without any instruments. This unexpected performance not only showed off their amazing singing skills, but it also showed how deeply connected the members are musically.

Learn how to dance in “DASH”

Harmonious voices aren’t the only thing NMIXX is good at; their dance skills, which are unmatched among female idol groups, are highlighted in the title track “DASH.” Official Leader Haewon said that even JYP liked the dance and said it was “exceptional from start to finish.”

K-pop superstars NMIXX: Making the “MIXX POP” magic public

The song “DASH” is another example of NMIXX’s unique style, “MIXX POP,” which combines sounds from different types of music. As if there were any questions about how well the group fits together. Their newest song shows a polish and well-balance mix. That makes them a force to reckon with in the K-pop scene.

Two Years of Change and Thought

As their second anniversary approaches next month, NMIXX members took some time to think about their artistic journey. Kyujin said, “In the past two years, I’ve become more open to different types of music.” We want to give new and better shows every time we come back.

A Sincere Thank You

BAE thanked their fans from the bottom of their hearts. Always being there for them over the last two years. “Every memory with our fans is precious, and I look forward to creating many more memories together in the years ahead of us,” she said.

The “Fe3O4: BREAK” album by NMIXX is more than just music. It’s a celebration of progress, unity, and the will to break down walls. Get ready to drawn into NMIXX’s beautiful magical charm!