Excalibur Unleashed : A Fun Slot Adventure with Big Wins!

Excalibur Unleashed : A Fun Slot Adventure with Big Wins!

Get ready for a wild ride with Excalibur Unleashed, an awesome online slot by Pragmatic Play that’s all about a quest for the legendary sword. In this epic adventure, you’ve got this adorable rabbit – straight out of a Disney movie – trying to reveal the true king by yanking out the famous Excalibur, and the sidekick is a wise owl wizard. How cool is that?

Excalibur Unleashed : Cute Characters and Cool Symbols

Excalibur Unleashed brings some seriously cute characters to the slot game scene, turning a classic tale into a super fun adventure. We’re talking about the hooded Arthur rabbit and the smart owl Merlin as the top-paying symbols. Alongside these adorable characters, you’ve got mid-tier symbols like a fancy crown, a mystical glass orb, and a potion vial. And don’t forget the lower-paying symbols – the ace (A), king (K), queen (Q), jack (J), and 10.

Excalibur Unleashed : Magic Features for Extra Fun

What makes Excalibur Unleashed’s stand out? Well, it’s got some seriously awesome gameplay features. The wild symbol, which is none other than Excalibur itself, steps in for other symbols, helping you rack up those sweet wins. And here’s the kicker – this wild symbol expands, covering entire reels and giving you more chances to score big. Plus, the expanding wild randomly throws in a multiplier, up to 20 times your bet, cranking up the excitement level.

But wait, there’s more magic in the mix! If you manage to land two wild symbols on the reels, guess what? Free spins are coming your way – starting with six but with the chance to retrigger for even more chances to win. This feature keeps the thrill going, turning every spin into a shot at uncovering royal treasures.

High Thrills and a Solid RTP

Excalibur Unleashed’s brings the excitement with high volatility, giving you that adrenaline rush and a shot at some seriously big wins. With a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96%, you can expect decent returns, adding to the overall fun factor.

Betting Range for Everyone

Whether you’re a casual player or looking for some high-stakes action, Excalibur Unleashed has got you covered. With a minimum bet of 0.20 and a max of 100 coins, it’s perfect for all kinds of players.

Conclusion: Dive into Fun and Wins with Excalibur Unleashed

In a nutshell, Excalibur Unleashed is a blend of Arthurian legend, playful vibes, and exciting features. Pragmatic Play has crafted a slot game that not only takes you on a cute adventure but also offers the chance for some sweet rewards. Whether you’re into magic multipliers or love snagging free spins, Excalibur Unleashed’s invites you to grab the sword and claim your share of royal riches. Jump into the charming world of Excalibur Unleashed’s for a fun and rewarding SLOT SERVER THAILAND slot journey!