Dolly Parton Makes a Fan’s Dream Come True

LG’s List of Living

When LeGrand “LG” Gold got hit with Stage IV colorectal cancer, he didn’t just sit around feeling down. Nope, he put together a list—“LG’s List of Living.” And guess what? Meeting the legendary Dolly Parton was right up there at number 7, scribbled down on a napkin.

A Dream Come True

Well, hold onto your hat because Dolly made it happen! Yep, the country queen herself called LG and his wife just before Christmas, granting his wish and making his day.

Heartfelt Words

“I’ve heard you’ve been a fan of mine for many years. And I just wanted to thank you for that,” Dolly shared during the call, spreading some love. LG, beaming with a huge smile, replied, “It’s been my honor too.” He even spilled the beans about how much Dolly’s music meant to him, especially in these tough past few years.

A Touching Connection

With doctors giving LG the news that treatment wasn’t doing the trick anymore, he decided it was time to head home and be with his family. His wife Alice let Dolly know that LG’s been a lifelong fan—heck, they even had passes to Dollywood, her theme park! And get this: all three of their kiddos got books from Dolly’s Imagination Library program.

Sharing the Love

Dolly, always humble and sweet, shared how happy she was to be part of their journey. She lives to spread joy through her music and actions, and knowing she’s touched someone’s life means the world to her. She thanked LG for letting her be a part of his story.

Spreading the Word

Alice shared the “List of Living” on LG’s Facebook page in December 2022. And guess what? That list didn’t just have Dolly on it. Nope, it was packed with cool stuff, like an RV trip to the Grand Canyon with their kiddos, catching March Madness, going to a Natalie Merchant concert, and checking out “TNT Inside the NBA.”

Making it Happen

Now, here’s the kicker: How did Dolly even find out about LG’s wish list? Well, it’s a bit of a mystery! Alice isn’t entirely sure how the word got to Dolly. Some friends claimed they passed it on to Dolly’s people, while others even got in touch with politicians in Tennessee after a suggestion from the Nashville mayor’s office. But she thinks a story about LG by CNN affiliate KSL went viral and probably made its way to Team Dolly.

A Touching Serenade

And you know what was the perfect cherry on top? Dolly ended the call by crooning, “I will always love you.” Then, being the humble soul she is, she joked, “I should have sung that,” before diving into the heartfelt tune: “I will always love you, LG.”